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A Trip To The Other Side


Your soul travels, which means you can travel without your physical body. So I invite you to come travel and explore the unknown! You can travel to many far away exotic places and explore the different realms, including Heaven. While you are travelling you can meet many wonderful souls; some you may recognize as a loved one who has gone before you, such as your beloved pet! 

Some years ago, I had the privilege to attend a spiritual expo in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It was during this expo that I met Dr. Julien Meagler. We introduced ourselves and during our conversation I learned that Dr. Meagler is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario and the Ontario Hypnosis Centre, and he is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Ontario College of Teachers. Dr. Meagler conducts experiential workshops and seminars, as well as holding private hypnosis sessions from his office in London, Ontario, Canada.

Later on in the afternoon, Dr. Meagler offered a hypnosis session to me, which of course, I gladly accepted. During the session Dr. Meagler began his demonstration of hypnosis, by starting with relaxation exercises while playing soft instrumental music in the background and talking to me. It was during this hypnosis state, I was regressed slowly back as Dr. Meagler instructed me to travel.

I very quickly found myself standing in front of my loved ones who had come to greet me. I was so overwhelmed that I instantly broke into tears, and to the point that I was actually sobbing!

Dr. Meagler quickly asks, “What’s happening?”

Through my sobs, I reply, “I am back home. I miss them all so much.”

“Are you with your friends?”


“Who is it that you see?”

“It is my Heavenly Father!”

In an astonished tone of voice, Dr. Meagler asks, “Your Heavenly Father?”

“Yes and all my loved ones.”

“How are they arranged in front of you?”

“They are just in front of me and there’s a crowd of them. I am so happy to be back.”

“How do they appear to you?”

“They are all standing in a formation waiting for me.”

“Are you positioned in the center?”

“I am in the center walking towards them. They are all there waiting for me.”

“And as you move closer, is there anyone that comes forth to greet you?”

“They are all there to greet me.”

“In the crowd, is there one particular one that steps forth?”

“He is the main one.”

“Is this your spirit guide or is this a loved one who has crossed over?”

“No, no. This is the main one.”

“I would like for you to observe that the main one who steps forward to greet you, he is holding out a full length mirror towards you. What are the colors that you are radiating back? What colours do you see from your soul?”

“It’s all brilliant colours; a lot of brightness.”

“What are the main thoughts at this time or the main feelings emanating from this group of souls?”

“They are so proud of me.”

“Is there anything else apart from this loving energy that you are receiving from this main group? Is there anything meaningful going on between you and your group?”

“I haven’t reached the group. There’s a distance between us.”

“Do you sense that you are being led to the group by a spirit guide or are you alone?”

“No, I am by myself. I can do this on my own.”

“You are an advanced soul. You don’t need anyone else. You know the road. You know your way. You have taken this path many times. When you are ready, report to me if there is anything meaningful occurring other than pride they feel for you.”

“There is a lot of love, and a lot of respect. They really respect me a lot. They know I find it difficult at times but they are by my side. They wish me well. They love me so much.”

“Are you able to sense the number of souls in this group?”

“There’s one main one, and maybe about thirty to forty people.”

“And the main one, is it a male or female?”


“Describe this male to me. What’s this male wearing?”

“It’s all white. There’s a lot of brightness. There’s bright yellow all around him.”

“Who is this?”

“This is God.”

There is a long pause, as Dr. Meagler finally asks, “This is God?”

“Yes. He’s right in the center and the others are on each side of him.”

“And is there anyone else in the group that steps forth to the main one, to God?”

“No, he’s the main one. They are all on both sides of him.”

“At this time, see if you can make contact with your spirit guide. Who is it that appears before you?”

“A female; she’s Aunt Mildred.”

“How is she dressed?”

“She’s got on a long dress. She’s got her hair pinned up like in a bun. She’s slim. She got light, brownish hair.”

“And as you see Aunt Mildred, your spirit guide, what is the dominant emotion emanating from her to you?”

“Pride, love, and a lot of respect.”

“Is there any communication? Is she saying anything to you?”

“No. She is just standing there and smiling at me.”

“Where does Aunt Mildred take you now that you are in the spirit world?”

“She doesn’t take me anywhere. We are just standing there.”

“Who are these souls that are standing before you?”

“They are Great Masters.”

“Great Masters?”

“Yes, they are all Great Masters.”

“Do you know any of these Great Masters?”

“I know all of them.”

“Did you share a past life with any of them?”

“I just know all of them. And they know me.”

"As we prepare now to leave the spirit world explain what you are doing just before you leave the spirit world to reincarnate into your current life.”

“Hugging and crying; I don’t want to leave them but I know that I have to. I have to go back.”

Come and have an experience that you will cherish forever, as I take you on an incredible transformational journey to the Other Side and back! Come take a trip of a lifetime and know the truth of all that is!

To arrange for a session for A Trip To The Other Side, please contact me to make an appointment by emailing me at: oliveneilnoseworthy@hotmail.com Then please make your payment, and once your payment is received, I will then confirm your appointment time. Thank you.


A Trip To The Other Side session is $65.00 USD

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