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A Visit With Your Guardian Angel


Soul visitors are those from the Other Side who come and visit with us, and they can come at the most unexpected times; however, you can also invite them to come and visit with you or you can travel to meet them. And one of the soul visitors that you can request to meet is your Guardian Angel.

I would like to share with you the first time that I met my Guardian Angel, Gabriel.

It is a hot, summer, July day and I am standing alone in my garden, admiring my flowers, shrubs and trees. I am enjoying my time immensely, although these feelings are soon going to tumble down around me because the words that my father had spoken the day before surface in my mind, and once again pierce through my heart. ‘Yes, but someday soon I have to leave this all behind.’ My father is so right, for the cold hard reality is that our time spent here on Earth is only short. I slump to the ground in despair, as I say, “Oh my, it is so true. Someday I will have to leave this all behind also.” I feel very sad and become emotional, and I can feel the tears filling my eyes.

Then, to my astonishment, a male voice from behind me speaks with great conviction and love. “Yes, but you will be going home.”

I immediately turn around to see who is in the garden with me, and much to my amazement, there is no one there! I cannot believe my eyes! I look all around the area but no one is in sight. I know a male voice has spoken to me and I quickly say aloud, “Who are you?”

The loving, male voice answers, “Gabriel.”

My reaction is of great shock. “Gabriel?”

“Yes, Gabriel.”

“Are you the angel Gabriel that I have read about?”

The loving voice responds, “I am your Guardian Angel.”

I blurt out, “I have a Guardian Angel?”

With a loving laugh, he replies, “You most certainly do.”

Immediately I experience an overwhelming sense of peace and love and an all-knowing feeling. My sadness quickly disappears and I feel so much love and joy. It is astounding! I can feel the tears of joy streaming down my face as I crouch down to the ground for more support. This is all so incredible to me. As I compose myself, I quickly wipe away my tears of joy and ask, “Are you still with me?”

“Yes, my dear, I am here.”

“Are you really a Guardian Angel?”

“Yes, I am a Guardian Angel. And I am not just any Guardian Angel; I am your Guardian Angel.”

“Does everyone have a Guardian Angel?”

“Yes, everyone does have a Guardian Angel, and not only does everyone have a Guardian Angel to watch over them from a distance but each soul on the Earth plane also has Guardian Souls to guide and protect them. 

So, come join me as we invite your Guardian Angel and anyone else you choose, to come and visit with you!

To arrange for your Guardian Angel to visit with you, please contact me to make an appointment by emailing me at: oliveneilnoseworthy@hotmail.com Then please make your payment, and once your payment is received, I will then confirm your appointment time. Thank you.


A Visit With Your Guardian Angel session is $65.00 USD


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