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Client Testimonials


          "As I was walking home from visiting my mom; I was drawn to the Civic Center sign which read, Psychic Fair, so I decided to check it out. I walked around for a while trying to get a vibe from who was fake to real, and that is when I saw Olive, and her smile was very pure of heart and soul. Thnak you, Olive for answering my questions honestly. It was a big relief to me to know the truth. Olive being the kind-hearted lady that she is, invited me to two of her seminars for free! I couldn't believe it! One seminar was on Past Lives and the other was tapping into your innerself. In the past lives seminar I learned that I was a princess in another lifetime! The second seminar was the most astonishing! We sat in groups of two to see if we could read each other following Olive's directions, and I could! I never knew that I could do this, even though Olive told me that I was spiritually gifted more than I realized during my reading with her, and now I was given the proof, and it was amazing! I am going to read Olive's book, Secrets of My Soul, and maybe try my hands at reading the Tarot Cards. What a special person Olive is! I can't begin to tell you  how very LUCKY I was to have met her in person! She is the most amazing person I have ever met! I can't even put into words how special she really is. She is so pure of heart and soul; it's like she's an angel sent from God to touch the lives of people who need her the most. I can never repay you, Olive, for all the help and understanding, and kindness that you have given me. All I can say is thank you! UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN AND I KNOW WE WILL! Your friend, Chris." ~ Chris Varga, Ontario, Canada
          "Keep inspiring us all by being an 'Outstanding Woman'. You really ae so significant to so many - even people you don't even know. Thanks for being you and delighting us." ~ Michael and Marianna Whitenburgh, Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment, United Kingdom - Namibia - South Africa - Dubai
          "The reading I received from Olive was not only thought provoking but meaningful, in many ways. The accuracy of her messages of my past, present and potential future was related to me, in an unmistakable way. Olive's gentle yet firm manner was both comforting and reassuring. As a result of this wonderful experience, my outlook for the future is brighter than ever, as is my renewed belief in humanity's ability to access the spiritual dimension. Thank you so very much Olive for your powerful healing work that benefits us all." ~ Dr. Julien Meagher, Ontario, Canada
          "I don't know if you recall the day I came over to your apartment, you were getting ready to move back home, and I wasn't sure if I should come that day, but somehow felt compelled that I should. When you started saying, 'Mommy, mommy I'm so glad you came.' You said you could see my son, Travis, wipe his tears away and that you could see him sitting cross-legged. You told me he is happy and free. You spoke of my Mom being with him and the two of them playing toegther. You also told me to tell my husband that Travis did not want his Daddy to grieve every day at the cemetery. You said, Travis is saying, 'Tell Daddy that it is only my shell that is there, and that I am with you always.' It is very comforting to know that Travis is around us. You had no way of knowing these things & yet you told me things only I would understand. Everything made sense. You gave me peace. Looking back, I recall how accurate you were with many, many things!  I can still hear your voice in my mind when recalling your, 'Oh my....;' you have such a way with words. You remain one of my inspirations."  Warm regards, Jenny Majic-Carter, Ontario, Canada
          "It has been a pleasure for myself to have met a person who I find truly embodies all that is good. I had a reading done by Olive in a busy setting, and she was able to take my mind away from all the chatter and really connect with her on a deep level. A connection we all hope to get with anyone who has been blessed with gifts much like Olive's. That day I left feeling completely contrary to how I felt when I had arrived, which wasn't very good at all! I was fortunate to be able to attend a few of Olive's seminars as well, where we were able to get to know her a little better. I truly believe that everyone who attended her seminars ended up leaving with some sort of knowledge that would benefit their quality of life. Before meeting with Olive I had been struggling with anxiety and had no clue how to control it or where it even came from for that matter. Olive's seminars really helped me realize that I simply could not relax. She gave us all techniques to do just that, and with much practice and stepping out of my comfort zone, like I did while attending these seminars, has improved my quality of life so much!Thank you from the bottom of my heart Olive! It was such a pleasure meeting such an extraordinary woman." ~ Denika Smith ~ British Columbia, Canada
        "I attended a "Body, Mind & Spirit" show in Regina, Saskatchewan, and while there I was fortunate enough to hear a lecture by Olive Neil Noseworthy, which I found very interesting. After the lecture, I proceeded to tour around the show and passed Olive's booth several times. I found myself drawn to her and I kept returning to her booth. Upon making a decision to have a reading done by her, I found what she told me both very interesting and informative. As I was writing down what she was telling me during the reading, I found most of it made sense to me. A couple of things didn't make sense to me at the time but as I thought about them it seemed to become clearer, and I think I finally understood what she was telling me. Because of this reading and the comfort and trust I felt when being with her, I decided to ask her to make contact with my father for me. My father passed away September 27, 2009 very suddenly at home, in his sleep. I had been to see him during my vacation the month prior, but this knocked me for a loop as when I left he was fine. I love my father very much and had a difficult time accepting that he was gone and I would never see him again. This had been bothering me since his death and this past September, a year later, I was having a difficult time up to and including the anniversary of his death with the idea, I would never see him again. After meeting Olive, and arranging to have her contact my father, I can truly say I am in a better frame of mind and spirit with accepting my father's passing. I was able, through Olive, to speak with my father. I basically wanted to know if he was okay, happy and healthy, and she confirmed he was. Although I didn't converse with him a lot, I now feel that he is still with me watching over me and always there for me to talk to. Olive was great and made me realize that I haven't lost him, and I needn't grieve any more as there is no reason to grieve. My father doesn't want me to grieve and wants me to get on with my life and that's just what I intend to do. He knows I love him and I know he loves me and I can talk to him any time I want. This doesn't mean I won't ever want to make contact with him again, I probably will and I hope Olive might be the one to do that with me, if or when I do. Thank you again Olive for the care, understanding, and informative way you helped me in contacting my father.  Kathy Moore ~ Saskatchewan, Canada

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