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Life Regression


Some years ago, I had the privilege to attend an amazing seminar in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss. Dr. Weiss’ reputation preceded him, for his credentials are quite impressive, having graduated from Columbia University and Yale Medical School. As well as being former Chairman of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Florida, he has become known throughout the world as a past-life expert, and is the author of several books, including the bestseller Many Lives, Many Masters.

During this seminar, Dr. Weiss began his demonstration of hypnosis and life regression, by starting with relaxation exercises which continued into hypnosis. It was during this hypnosis state, I was regressed slowly back through my childhood and was told to go to an enjoyable childhood memory, leaving it up to me which happy memory I wanted to recall. As I drifted further, I could feel myself slipping deeper and deeper into a very relaxed state. Suddenly and with absolute clarity, I found myself in the arms of my father while we were both in the water on a beautiful, hot summer’s day, and he was teaching me how to swim. I had both of my arms around his neck, hanging on for dear life, for I was terrified of deep water. I was laughing and screaming at the same time as my father would try to put me into the water, reassuring me all the while that he would not let me go. I was aware of every moment; even as I slowly let my grip around my dad’s neck loosen, he held me in his arms and lowered me into the water then told me to kick my legs and move my arms. The experience of reliving that beautiful, hot summer’s day with my dad was absolutely incredible!

Dr. Weiss then told me to go back to when I was in my mother’s womb. I was fully conscious and experiencing being in my mother’s womb as if it was actually happening. While in the womb, I could actually see my mother and father, and I could feel their happiness and joy regarding my mother’s pregnancy. Also, I could actually hear them speak. I knew they were excited about having another baby and I knew that they loved me even though I had not even been born.

And so, it is with a Spiritual Life Regression that you can also go back in time and relive your experiences, whether good or bad, in order to know the truth of all that is, and to heal yourself from the past during this lifetime!

To arrange for a Spiritual Life Regression, please contact me to make an appointment by emailing me at: oliveneilnoseworthy@hotmail.com Then please make your payment, and once your payment is received, I will then confirm your appointment time. Thank you. 


A Spiritual Life Regression session is $65.00 USD





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