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 Olive Seminars


Olive Seminars was developed in 1995 to offer educational training. Since that time Olive Seminars has expanded to offer a diverse and comprehensive selection of seminars for all individuals who wish to expand their education in spiritual knowledge, spiritual awareness, and spiritual health.

Seminars are on-going and offer spiritual educational topics such as:


Personal Development!

Personal development is whereby you will learn to relate to the real you, your soul, in order to rid yourself of the destructive behaviours in your life and to help you to be the best that you can be. You will uncover the reasons as to why you are holding on to such destructive behaviours, and consequently, this will lead to powerful and positive changes in your life. This seminar willl focus on the personal development in areas, such as, addictions, anxiety, panic attacks, fears, such as the fear of public speaking, depression, obesity, abuse, and pain and suffering. Join me for this life changing seminar and live an extraordinary purpose-filled life!


Past Life Regression!

Do you believe in reincarnation? If you do, or even if you consider it to be possible, this would mean that you have lived past lives. If this is true, wouldn't it be fascinating to discover that you have had a past life before coming here to Earth during this lifetime, and to know who you were and where you lived? All of these answers to your questions and more will be revealed to you, during a past-life regression seminar! You don't have to believe what someone else is telling you, learn for yourself. Come join me and discover for yourself the truth of all that is!


You As A Soul!

 What is a soul? The answer is quite simple; the soul is the real you! And the real you lives inside your physical body while living here on Earth during this lifetime. Your soul has stored all memories, which means you can have access to these memories if you choose. You can access specific and personal information about you that will help you understand the type of person that you are, in other words, the real you. Your soul can also communicate with other souls by using the spoken word or by using telepathy, which is communication by using your thoughts. So, I invite you to come and learn about yourself; your past, present or future!


A Trip To The Other Side!

Your soul travels, which means you can travel without your physical body. So I invite you to come travel and explore the unknown! You can travel to many far away exotic places and explore the different realms, including Heaven. While you are visiting you can meet many wonderful souls; some you may recognize as a loved one who has gone before you, your beloved pet, your Guardian Souls, or your Guardian Angels! Join me for this spectacular seminar and have an experience that you will cherish forever, as I take you on an incredible transformational journey to the Other Side and back! Come take a trip of a lifetime!


Soul Visitors!

Soul visitors are those from the Other Side who come and visit with us, and they can come at the most unexpected times. The soul visitors are your loved ones who have died and left this Earth and who have returned back Home to the Other Side. And soul visitors can also be your Guardian Angels, Guardian Souls, the Great Masters, friends and acquaintances, pets, and anyone else who chooses to visit. Come join me as we invite those on the Other Side to come and visit with us!


Soul Signs!

Soul signs are signs given to us from those on the Other Side. These signs are very unique and individualized and are used as a form of communication. Souls on the Other Side, such as, our Guardian Angels, our Guardian Souls, and our loved ones who have left this home we call Earth, use these signs to get our attention. Some of the most common soul signs are: numbers, lights flickering, birds, feathers, butterflies, odors, and items being moved. Join me and learn about the many different forms of soul signs and find out who is trying to contact and communicate with you!


Soul Secrets!

Do you have a secret? It is my belief that most people have at least one secret. And if you do have a secret, would you be willing to share your secret, and if so, would you be willing to share it with the world? Well, I have a lifetime of secrets and I have decided to tell the world! And you may ask, "Why on Earth would you do that?" My answer is quite simple. As people living here on Earth, we have many unanswered questions, and we have a deep, soul searching need that requires answers. Once I reveal my secrets to you, it is then you will understand my desire to reveal my inner, most secrets of my soul. So, please come join me as we unravel the truth together and expose all our secrets!

I just watched your video on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMtr0ncpo54. I totally understand you! I have never felt this was home, but I know I signed a soul contract to be here for a specific reason, hence my work. You have the same experience. We are blessed Olive, choosing this contract required courage, and living up to it is an honour and a blessing, we are thrown challenges in our path to learn more and experience first hand what true empathy is, and all the while we are protected and loved by the Divine. We are truly lucky! ~ Chantal Brosens, Award Winning Author, United Kingdom



Please see below the Olive Seminars offered and any other events which I will attend throughout the coming year.

All Olive Seminars are $65.00 USD

So, please join me. I look forward to seeing you! 


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