Olive Neil Noseworthy
Spiritual Consultant & Author
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In this remarkable, riveting, spiritual thriller of extraordinary true stories, renowned inspirational speaker,

Olive Neil Noseworthy, shares with us her deepest, kept secrets.

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Chapter 17 ~ Angels In The Night


The Son of man shall send forth his angels,…
The Holy Bible: Matthew 13:41 King James Version


Knowing there are a couple of hours before I have to prepare dinner, I decide to go for a coffee at one of my favorite coffee shops, Tim Horton’s, and take one of my books with me to do some leisurely reading. As I sit quietly reading my book, I happen to glance at the doorway as my friend Tex walks in; he notices me and we exchange smiles. He greets me pleasantly as he approaches my table. “It is so great to see you again.”

        “It’s also great to see you again. How have you been doing?”

        “I’m hanging in for an old fella like me,” he answers as he gives a big grin. He then asks, “Can I buy you a coffee?”

        “Sure, that would be awesome. Thank you.”

        He returns with two coffees and as he pulls up a chair to my table, he asks, “Do you have your book finished?’

        With a big sigh, I reply, “I wish.” We both laugh.

        Tex says, “You know, I have been anxious to read it ever since you told me about it, and especially about the stories you are going to tell.”

        “Well, you know, Tex, as I mentioned to you before, I do indeed have a lot of stories to tell and I truly believe that there are many others who will be interested in what I have to say.”

        With his eyes wide, he looks at me with great intensity. “I have something to share with you.”

        “It sounds intriguing,” I answer.

        We both chuckle as he replies, “It happened last night.”

        “What happened last night?”

         Before Tex continues, he first explains why he feels he can confide in me. “I know I can tell you this because I know you will believe me. There aren’t too many people in this world that one can share such stories with.”

        I chuckle. “Yes, I know all too well. The majority of people are very close-minded.”

        “You got that right.”

        With another chuckle, he says, “If I told this to some people, they’d think I am ready for the looney bin!” We both roar with laugher.

        “I know exactly what you mean.”

        “Well, you know, really at my age, I shouldn’t give a damn.”

        “What do you mean at your age? You’re only a young man, Tex.”

        We laugh as Tex comments, “Now, Olive, you know I’m no spring chicken.”

        “Age is only a number, Tex. Some people can be eighty years old and act as though they are forty, and then there are others who are forty and act as though they are eighty.”

        “Yes, that’s true.”

        “Tex, I believe that attitude is everything.” He nods his head in the affirmative as I continue. “Some people are very negative in their thinking and consequently display negative behavior and of course, the other way around is also true. Some people are very positive in their thinking and this shows in their actions also.”

        “Oh, I know what you are saying is definitely right. I think some people were born negative.” We both laugh.

        “Well, you know Tex, it’s all about choice. God has given each of us the gift of free will and it is up to each one of us how we choose to think or act.”

        “Oh, I agree with you one hundred percent.”

        “Unfortunately, some people are so negative. They are chronic complainers, and to them nothing is right in the world. Not only that, but some people are so rude.”

        “Rude! I know all about arrogance and rudeness.”

        “You remember when I went to the Middle East, Abu Dhabi?”

        “Oh yes, I remember because I missed you.”

        “Well, one afternoon I went to a fast food restaurant for lunch, and while standing in line to be served, a male comes in, walks up to me and steps right in front of me. He starts to give his order to the person behind the counter, but the young guy serving tells him he has to step back, get in line and wait his turn, because I was already in line and was next to be served. And with that, without uttering a word, he turns around and storms out of the restaurant!”

        “Yeah, that’s what you would call arrogance and rudeness alright.”

        “And, of course, I thanked the young guy for being so nice. I remember another time I experienced people who were rude or just plain inconsiderate. I was living in Fort McMurray, Alberta, at the time because my husband had taken a new job there. My son was only a little over a year old, and I was pregnant with my daughter. I remember going into the bank there, or I should say, trying to get in. I found it difficult because I had my son in the stroller, and I was unable to hold the heavy door open while trying to push the stroller through the doorway, and would you believe, there were people who went in and out that just did not take the time to offer to help me. And then there were those who were passing by in front of the bank, and they simply watched me struggle to push the stroller, while trying to keep the heavy door open at the same time, without ever walking a few feet to come to my aid.”

        “Well, you said they were either rude or inconsiderate, and I say they were both.”

        “I find it incredible how some people can be so nasty.”

        “I’m a firm believer that some people will never change. They can live to be as old as I am and will leave this world the same way as they came in. When it’s all said and done, they made the choice to either open the gates of Heaven or to open the gates of Hell.”

        As I nod my head in agreement, I reply, “Yes, and it’s all so sad, don’t you think?”

        “Well, yes it is and also stupid! As the old saying goes, they’re going nowhere fast.” We both laugh once again.

        “Okay, enough about those negative ones, I’ll have to tell you about last evening.”

        As I sit sipping my coffee anxiously waiting for Tex to continue with his story, I answer, “Oh yes, Tex, tell me about last evening.”

        “Well, you believe in angels, don’t you?”

        “Yes, I most certainly do.”

        “Do you have any stories in your book about angels?”

        “Yes I do. Does this mean you have a story for my book?”

        Again, we are both laughing as Tex responds, “You never know.”

        “Well, Tex, after I hear your story, I might just put it in my book. I have stories about angels, but another one would never hurt.”

        “What type of stories do you talk about in your book?”

        “I talk about real things that happened to me in my lifetime.”

        “Can you tell me one of your stories, and then I’ll tell you mine?”

        “Okay. One evening, my husband and I were returning from Spaniard’s Bay, after visiting my mother. My father had died the previous April, and it was September, actually, it was September 21, 2003, and it was their wedding anniversary. Therefore, Dave and I thought we would spend the day with my mother so she would not be alone. Later in the evening, we left my mother’s house to drive back home. My husband was driving the car and I was in the passenger’s seat. I had reclined my seat and was lying back with my eyes closed because I felt tired. I was falling asleep when all of a sudden it was as though someone had woken me. As I sat up straight, instantly my head turned to the left, and as it did, there on the side, running up the embankment onto the highway, was a moose! I screamed to the top of my lungs, ‘Dave, stop!’ He jammed on the brakes just in time, and the car came to a screeching halt, for the moose crossed the highway just inches in front of our car and continued running over to the other side! We both got such a scare and knew that we had just avoided a terrible accident. If we had hit that moose, I doubt very much that I would be sitting here talking with you now.”

        “That’s quite the story! You and your husband were saved from a near fatal car accident!”

        “Yes, we were, and I know there was someone with us in the car, who was watching out for us and who saved us.”

        “And who do you think it was?”

        “It could have been an angel, but I think it was my dad.”

        “Well, if it was your father, maybe he’s an angel.”

        “I don’t know if my father is an angel, Tex, but I do know he is an angel to me. There have been other things that have happened since my father’s death that I truly believe it is my dad, even though I don’t always see him.”

        “Like what?”

        “Well, a couple of years after my father had died, all the family were at my sister’s house for Christmas, and we were about to exchange our Christmas gifts. Just before my mother was ready to leave, I asked my husband to go to our car and bring in the box so I could give my mother her gifts. He did so, and when he returned, he laid down the box in the living room, directly across from where I was sitting, so I could see the box at all times. Very shortly afterwards, my brother-in-law, Bill, took the box and brought it out to his car, because my mother was returning home with him and my sister. Later, on Christmas morning, I telephoned my mother to wish her a Merry Christmas and to thank her for our gifts that she had given us. She wished me a Merry Christmas and thanked me for the gifts I had given her. The next comment she made was quite surprising. ‘Olive, the best gift of all is the angel.’ Of course, a bit stunned by this comment, I said, ‘Mom, I did not give you an angel.’ She replies, ‘I am talking about the white angel that was in the box with the other gifts.’ I answer, ‘That must be from someone else. I did not give you a white angel.’ Her answer is, ‘Olive, who else is there to give me this angel? I have all my gifts from all the other girls.’ So of course, I was quite adamant about me not giving her the angel, and that it was accidently placed into her box. Well, later I spoke with her again, and she told me that she checked with everyone and no one had given her the white angel for Christmas.”

        “Well, isn’t that remarkable?”

        “Yes, it is. I now have this white angel myself. My mother wanted me to have it because she believes it was meant for me.”

        “And do you believe it was meant for you?”

        “I don’t know if it was meant for me.”

        “Maybe your father was trying to give your mother a message.”

        “What kind of message?”

        “I really don’t know, but it must have to do with an angel.”

        “You could be right, Tex. I do know that it is a beautiful angel and I call her the Christmas Angel.”

The Christmas Angel

        “That is such a beautiful story. Do you have any more stories to tell?”

        With a chuckle, I reply, “Yes I do. I have several such stories.”

        “How about if you tell me another story, because your stories are really interesting?”

        “What about your story?”

        “I’m anxious to tell you my story, but I love hearing yours too.”

        “Well, okay. I attended a conference in Toronto not too long ago and while there, I stayed at one of the bigger chain hotels. One evening, I dropped into the boutique to do some shopping. I was looking at some handbags, which were on the shelves at the back of the boutique. I gradually walked away from the display of handbags and as I was walking away, a handbag suddenly came off the shelf! It literally flew in the air and landed on the floor! I stared at the handbag in disbelief, and then I looked at the sales clerk standing behind the counter. He was also staring at the handbag on the floor, and then turned and looked at me in utter amazement, with an expression of shock on his face. He said he had caused the handbag to fall on the floor, however, I knew this was impossible because he was standing behind the counter at the time, quite a distance from the shelf of handbags. Also, the handbag did not fall on the floor; as I said, it literally flew off the shelf!”

        “I’ve got to say that’s quite the story! And who do you suppose caused the handbag to fly off the shelf, if you know the sales clerk didn’t do it?”

        I laugh. “Well, are you ready for this?”

        “I’m ready for anything.”

        “I believe it to be someone in the boutique who we couldn’t see.”

        “For sure you don’t think it was an angel?”

        “No, Tex, an angel wouldn’t do such a thing. It was someone with a negative intent.”

        “And just who do you think it was?”

        “I have no idea; however, I do believe it was someone who was quite upset with me.”

        “Why would someone be upset with you? All you were doing was just browsing around the boutique.”

        “Oh, that someone was not upset because I was in the boutique browsing; I believe that it was because I had attended the conference.”

        “You must be joking.”

        I cannot help laughing at the expression on Tex’s face. “No, I am definitely not joking.”

        “Why would someone be upset with you because you attended a conference?”

        “Because it just wasn’t any conference, it was a spiritual conference.”

        “Oh, now I get it! You are becoming too spiritually advanced and someone doesn’t like this.”

        “Exactly, Tex. Do you think you’re up to hearing any more of my stories?”

        With another laugh, Tex answers, “And at my age, I thought I had heard it all! It just goes to show that even an old fella like me still has a lot to learn. Yes, I am ready for more.”

        Now we are both laughing as I answer, “Okay, one more story and then you have to tell me what happened to you last evening.”

        “Okay, deal.”

        “Well, a few years ago, my husband and I took a Caribbean cruise, and we were having a fabulous vacation, really enjoying ourselves. On this particular evening, we were on our way to the dining room, and I noticed that my husband was not wearing his glasses. Now keep in mind that Dave has worn glasses since his teens because of his poor eyesight. I ask him, ‘Where are your glasses?’ He looks at me and says, ‘I do not need them.’ Well, you know my response. ‘What do you mean you don’t need them?’ He says, ‘No really, I do not need them.’ So in my mind, I am thinking that he forgot to put them on, which is very unusual because he never forgets, simply because he cannot see without his glasses, or at least, not very well. Therefore, I am thinking that he thinks it will take too long for him to go back to our cabin and get them, and we will be late for dinner. I express my thoughts to him and tell him that we have plenty of time and we will go back and get his glasses. As I start to turn around to head back, he stops me and says, ‘Ol, you are not going to believe this.’ My reply is, of course, ‘I am not going to believe what?’ He answers, ‘I do not need my glasses to see because I am able to see without them.’ You can well imagine my reaction! He tells me that earlier that evening as we were getting ready for dinner, he noticed a change in his eyesight when he was not wearing his glasses. He was able to see very vividly and clearly, and when he put his glasses on, his vision became blurred! His eyesight was normal with 20/20 vision without him wearing his glasses!” Once again, I laugh because of the look of disbelief and amazement on my friend’s face.

        As Tex tries to stop laughing long enough to speak, he says, “Are you serious?”

        “Yes, I am quite serious. And his vision remained normal for days, and then at the end of our cruise, his poor eyesight returned and of course he went back to wearing his glasses once again.”

        “And why do you think that happened?”

        “I think it was for my benefit.”

        “How could it be for your benefit?”

        “I believe it was for my benefit, and I guess also for my husband’s benefit, and the reasoning being is that I was shown that miracles do happen. It is all in God’s hands.”

        “You know, I think you are absolutely right.”

        “So now, are you ready to tell your story?”

        “I think I would like to hear more of yours. This is all fascinating!”

        “And once my book comes out and I tell all these stories, do you think there are going to be some people out there who think I’m ready for the psychiatric hospital?”

        With another roar of laughter, Tex responds, “What odds if they do. It’s only because they don’t know any better. Ignorance is definitely not a claim to fame.”

        Tex has me laughing again. I glance at my watch and realize it is getting late and I will soon have to go. “I’ll tell one more story and then you definitely have to tell me yours, because I have to go home and cook dinner. I have a hungry man who needs to be fed.”

        “Okay, we wouldn’t want your husband starving to death.”

        With another laugh, I proceed to tell my friend another one of my stories. “One Christmas, my daughter went skiing in Corner Brook with her friends. They all travelled by bus, and as you know, it is about an eight to ten hour drive, and maybe even longer, depending on the weather and the conditions of the roads. On the evening of their return, it became stormy with high winds and it was snowing heavily. Being the mother that I am, I started to worry. My husband, being the calmer one between us, tried to reassure me that being in a big bus was much safer than even driving in a car during such poor weather conditions, and that our daughter would be fine. Besides, he tells me that he is sure if the weather becomes too stormy, the bus driver will pull over and most likely stop at a hotel for the night.

        In the meantime, both my husband and I are on our way to our friends’ house to a Christmas party. We are driving in our car, when I become emotional as tears fill my eyes. My husband is driving the car, and I am sitting in the front on the passenger’s side, and I remember having my head down because I was reaching for my handbag for some tissues, when all of a sudden, my head lifted! It was as though someone was sitting behind me in the back seat of the car, and had put both hands, one on each side of my head, and pulled my head back, and turned it to the left, where I could see the car in the next lane, in front of our car. As I stare at this car, I realize I am not actually staring at the car, but the license plate and the numbers on the license plate, which are 555. Immediately, a peaceful feeling comes over me and I instantly know that my daughter is going to be okay and would arrive home safely! After arriving at the party, around midnight, I receive a phone call from my daughter, telling me she is at home.”

        Tex is not laughing anymore and is now teary eyed instead. “That is quite the story! But what did the numbers 555 mean?”

        “You’ll have to read my book, Tex.”

        As he dabs his eyes with the back of his hand, he comments, “You better believe I’ll be reading your book!”

        “Actually, I knew at that moment that the 555 signified that someone from the higher realms was with me and was giving me the message that my daughter would be safe.”

        “I never knew about numbers like that having meaning.”

        “They are called soul signs or spiritual signs.”

        “I’ll be watching for them from now on. Got another story?”

        “I thought it was going to be your turn next.”

        “Yeah, after I hear another one from you,” Tex says with a grin.

        “Okay, I’ll tell you about a time when I was in northern Ontario.”

        “Boy, you really get around, don’t you?” Tex says with a laugh.

        “Yes, I guess I do. I love travelling. Anyway, as I said, I was in northern Ontario on a small island called Moose Factory. This particular evening, a friend and her husband had a dinner party. Shortly after I arrived, it started to rain very heavily and there was a thunder and lightning storm. Later, when it was time for me to leave, the rain, thunder, and lightning had stopped but it was quite dark outside. Walking by myself, I am approaching my road when the light on the pole above me goes out. Immediately I feel danger around me; however, even though it is very dark, I see this large, beautiful dog walking right beside me! I had never seen this dog around before and I did not know where it had come from, all I knew was that it was walking beside me, as though it was protecting me. I did not feel scared or afraid anymore and I know it was because this dog was with me. This large, beautiful dog continued to walk beside me all the way down the road to the end where my house was. As I approach my door, it looks up at me with such love and compassion in its eyes. I pat its head, and thank the dog for walking me home and then go inside my house. Shortly after, I go upstairs to get ready for bed, and as I am ready to pull the drapes to my bedroom window, I happen to glance down at my front door. There, to my astonishment, is the same dog, lying across my front doorway as though he is guarding my entrance. I knew that dog was there to protect and keep me safe. The next morning, the dog was gone, and I never did see that dog again.”

        “Olive, you have such incredible things that happen to you!”

        “Yes, I guess I do, but I think many other people have a lot to share but are afraid to because they are scared others will only laugh at them.”

        “You could be right.”

        “I have one more story about up north, and then it’s your turn.”

        With a huge grin, and excitement in his voice Tex says, “Wonderful!”

        “I had visited Canada’s north before but this time it was in the Northwest Territories. I was on a business trip with another colleague, Linda, and we stayed at the Grey Goose Lodge, located in a small remote community called Deline, situated on the Great Bear Lake. The lake is famous and known for its world class hunting and fishing. I say remote because the only way to get there is by small aircraft. My colleague, who travelled with me, had told me that the Grey Goose Lodge has a ghost, and that this ghost walks the corridors of the lodge late at night. When she told me this story during our flight into Deline, I laughed and told her that I did not have any plans to walk the corridors late at night, and so I did not expect to see a ghost.

        My room was on the back of the hotel and her room was opposite mine, at the front of the hotel. Later that night, I woke up because I could hear drums beating, and people singing and making noises. It was as if there was a pow-wow, which is a traditional native dance, and the noise of the dancing seemed to be coming from the grounds just outside my window. I jumped out of bed and looked outside, but all I could see was darkness. Strangely enough, the singing and drum beating continued for hours, late into the night! The next morning, I asked Linda if she had heard anything unusual, like a native Indian pow-wow. She said no, she had not heard anything! None of the other guests at breakfast had heard a pow-wow either during the night. However, one guest informed us that it is very common to hear pow-wows in this part of the country, for the word pow-wow means ‘spiritual leader,’ and many pow-wows have taken place on these lands for hundreds of years! The native people here believe that their ancestors still come back and perform the traditional, native dance!”

        “Olive, you have lived an extraordinary life!”

        As I chuckle, I reply, “Well, I have to admit, my life hasn’t been dull by any stretch of the imagination!” I now have Tex laughing again. As we compose ourselves, I continue. “Tex, while I was in the North West Territories, I had a very unusual experience one night while I was sleeping.”

        “Was this at the Grey Goose Lodge?”

        “No, this was another night when I was staying in Norman Wells. It was late in the night, and I woke because my father was with me.”

        “What do you mean your father was with you?”

        “I mean that I had a visit from my father. My father had died a year earlier, and he visited me while I was in the North West Territories one night.”

        My friend Tex is laughing once again. “As I said, Olive, you have lived an extraordinary life.”

        With a chuckle, I reply, “Yes I have.”

        “Continue with your story. I’m really anxious to know now what it is you are going to tell me.”

        “My father is present with me, and he shows me a room where there are other people. As he shows me this room, he tells me that I need to know that there is a meeting. As he finishes his sentence, he enters the room.”

        “How are you able to see this room?” Tex asks with an expression of great curiosity.

        “It is as though I am watching a television screen. I am able to see the people, even though I know they are not in the room with me.”

        “This is astounding!”

        “Yes, I know, and I am actually able to see what my father has shown me.”

        “And your father was with you in your bedroom, and then he left and entered this room?” Tex asks with such bewilderment.

        “Yes, this is exactly what happened.”

        “Okay, continue.”

        “Well, sitting on a chair sideways to me, is my husband and he is very upset and crying. Sitting in front of my husband, and sideways to me, is a Guardian Angel, wearing a long beige robe; and standing behind the Guardian Angel is my father. My father is dressed in a grey suede jacket, grey wool pants, and a blue shirt. I can hear the conversation, and the Guardian Angel, who I sense is my husband’s Guardian Angel, is telling him he is going to get sick and he is going to cross over. My husband tells the Guardian Angel that he does not want to cross over because he does not want to leave me behind.”

        With tears in his eyes, my dear friend Tex says, “Olive, your husband has an undying love for you. You are truly blessed.”

        As I wipe my eyes, my only comment is, “Yes, Tex, I know.”

        “And so what happens next?” Tex asks with an anxious tone in his voice.

        “Well, as I sit in my bed and cry, I can see the Guardian Angel trying to calm my husband down, but to no avail. Dave is very adamant. In no way does he want to leave me and go to the Other Side. There is silence for the longest time. No one is speaking and the only sound heard is my husband sobbing uncontrollably. Eventually, I hear the Guardian Angel say to my husband, ‘Your wish has been granted. Go in peace.’ It is then my father turns and looks at me, and smiles. Then they all fade away.”

        “That is quite the story!”

        “Yes, it is, isn’t it?”

        “You got that right!”

        “Okay, Tex, now it’s your turn.”

        “Okay, I know I won’t have any problem telling you my story now, after hearing your amazing stories. Here goes. I had a quiet evening last evening, I guess no different than most of my evenings. I didn’t cook anything for dinner; I just opened a tin of soup.”

        “Was it your usual soup that you like?”

        With a chuckle, Tex responds, “You know I love my chicken and rice soup.”

        “Yes, I know.”

        “Well, after I ate, I tidied the kitchen and then watched some television. It’s always good to keep up on what’s going on in the world.”

        “Yes, this is true. I always like to watch the evening news also but sometimes I find it so depressing.”

        “Yes, it can be depressing at times, but that’s life, isn’t it? Don’t know why it’s got to be this way, but there you go.”

        “Yes, I’m afraid I don’t have answers to all the hatred, turmoil and violence in the world.”

        “Anyway, on with my story; I am really anxious to see what you think of it all.”

        “You really have me curious now. I can’t imagine what it is you are going to tell me.”

        “I know you already told me that you believe in angels.”

        “I most certainly do believe in angels.”

        “Have you seen any angels yourself?”

        “No, I can’t say that I have, except for the story I just shared with you, and that was like watching a television screen. However, I have heard my Guardian Angel speak to me.” We both chuckle again.

        “What if I told you I have seen angels?”

        “You mean last evening?”

        “Yes, I mean last evening!”

        “Last evening you saw angels?”

        “Now don’t freak out on me.” We are both now laughing to the point of near hysteria.

        As soon as we both calm down, Tex continues. “Well, as I was saying, last evening was not much different than most evenings for me. I had my soup, tidied up, watched some shows on the television and then I watched the national news; then got ready for bed.”

        I am now listening very intently, my curiosity piqued. “Yes, go on. You got ready for bed, and then what?”

        “I was in bed and was still wide awake. I was just lying in bed. The lamp next to the bed was still on. You know, I like to relax and think about the day before I turn off the light and go to sleep.”

        “I can understand that. I do the same each night. I like to relax in bed and reflect on the happenings of my day.” Tex is now laughing to the point he cannot seem to stop. I sit there, wondering what it was I said that was so hilarious. “What did I say that was so funny?”

        “You didn’t say anything.”

        “Okay, then why are you laughing?”

        “I’m just picturing us tonight lying in our beds, reflecting on this day!”

        He has me laughing again; so much so, I have to get another tissue from my handbag to wipe my eyes. “Tex, I don’t know what you are about to tell me, but it sure seems it is out of the ordinary.”

        “You got that right.”

        “Okay, are you going to continue? You’re lying in your bed and you are wide awake, right?”

        “Wide awake, I was no more asleep than what I am right now.” He takes another sip of coffee, “I’m just lying there. I was about to turn over and reach for the light to turn it off, when I look over to the corner of the room, and standing there is the most beautiful woman I had ever seen!”

        I quickly respond, “A woman in your room?”

        “Yes, but that’s not the best of it. There was another one next to the window! And then I looked to the left, and there was another one; three altogether!”

        “You had three women in your bedroom last evening?”

        “Three women, and if you think that’s strange, get a load of this. They all looked the same.”

        “They all looked the same?”



        “Yes, identical. They all had long, curly, blond hair and they were all wearing the same style dress.”

        I sit and listen in complete awe. “What did their dresses look like?”

        “They were dressed in white satin down to the mid-calf of their legs.”

        “And each dress looked the same?”

        “Each dress looked exactly the same.”

        “Tex, this is absolutely remarkable. Are you sure you weren’t dreaming this?”

        “Definitely not dreaming, I was wide awake. And, they were the most beautiful women I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of beautiful women in my day, and you’re one of them.”

        Tex has me laughing again as I graciously reply, “Tex, you’re too kind.”

        “And that’s not the best of it; they were angels!”


        “Yes, angels!”

        “How do you know that they were angels? Did they say they were angels?”

        “No, they didn’t say a word. They just went around the room looking at the pictures.”

        “Did you say anything?”

        “Are you kidding me? I think I went into a state of shock!”

        Again we are both laughing. “Okay, but how did you know they were angels?”

        He quickly replies, “Because they had wings on their backs.”

        “Wow, wings on their backs!”

        “Yes, wow, wings on their backs! They did not fly but walked around, even though they had wings. As they walked around the room, they looked at each picture in the room. They did not speak one word. They just walked around. They did not look at each other and at that point, they did not even look at me. It was as though they didn’t even know I was there, or so I thought.”

        “And they did know you were there?”

        “Oh yes, they sure knew I was there.”

        “How do you know they knew you were there?”

        “Because after they finished walking around the room and had looked at all the pictures I have, each one looked at me and smiled.”

        “They smiled at you?”

        “Yes, all three of them smiled. These smiles were the most beautiful smiles I have seen in my life. I have seen a lot of beautiful smiles in my time, but nothing like this.”

        “Tex, this is truly amazing!”

        “You think so?” Now we are both laughing hysterically.

        As I compose myself, I respond, “Angels are spiritual messengers from God.”

        “So you think God sent me these special angels for a reason?”

        “It certainly seems that way. Why do you think they visited you?”

        “I don’t know, maybe because my time is getting short.”

        “Do you really think maybe that’s why they visited you?”

        “Who knows? I’ll be eighty-one my next birthday. Time is running out for me anyway.”

        “Tex, this is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever heard. You must feel so blessed to have been given such a visit?”

        “I don’t know about that.”

        “Oh, you’re not giving yourself credit. I know you are a very loving person and I know you did the best during your lifetime. It sounds to me you are going to a beautiful place once your time is up living here on Earth.”

        “Well, it’s something to look forward to, isn’t it?”

        “It most certainly is. I sure hope I have the same type of loving, miraculous experience when I am your age.”

        “Oh, you’ve got a long time to go yet.”

        I smile and look at my watch and realize I am running late. I give my apologies to my dear friend Tex and tell him I will see him later. As I get ready to leave, I say to Tex, “Enjoy your evening. Maybe you’ll have more gorgeous women visit.”

        We both laugh and say our good-byes, and hope we will see each other again soon. However, that day was the last time that I saw my dear friend, Tex!


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