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Olive's Soul Stories




Soul Stories is an account of true life spiritual experiences, and I therefore, invite you to share your spiritual truths and tell your story of your spiritual or miraculous encounter that has happened to you. 

Please send your story to my email address: oliveneilnoseworthy@hotmail.com and I will add it to this page, so you can share and help others.





The Year 2012!





          Because the year 2012, is the year for the beginning of transformation, I would like to share with you a discussion I had with a friend of mine in May 2012, where he tells me about the most remarkable meeting he had with his guardian spirits, several years ago while driving home on the highway. He said the event was so dramatic it left him crying. The guardian spirits, as he calls them, tells him that he has to make his own way, he is responsible for his actions, and that he must accept the consequences for the pain he has caused here on Earth. They offer no comfort, only for him to know that no matter what happens, they would always be with him, and not only in the good times, but also the bad times. They do not help or intervene, but watch out for the safety of his soul. Everything else they said was up to him. 



The Name Olive


Chantal Brosens


         As a spiritual person who writes spiritual stories for children, I absolutely love what it is you are doing, Olive! And I am very grateful to you for connecting with me, and I realize that nothing is a coincidence. I have started to read your book, Secrets of My Soul, and I am finding it very interesting, so much so, that I thought that you were writing about my life! You have a wonderful gift, Olive!

         You also have a beautiful name and it reminds me of a special photograph. It is the Mount of Olives in Israel, and it is one of the few places where I genuinely felt the presence of Jesus! When I took the photograph it just came out as a normal photograph but after a few of months, it changed. Please look at the brilliant purple light. We are never alone. Every time I need a little pick me up, I look at this photograph and it always brings me instant peace and deep joy! – Chantal Brosens, Award Winning Author, United Kingdom




Trisha’s Story


Trisha Wakat Shafer

           Olive, you asked me over a year ago to share a spiritual story with you for your upcoming book, and I told you that I would.  Sorry it took me so long but I do know that it’s all in God’s timing and not ours.

I grew up in a Pentecostal Church which was an all-black southern Baptist Church. But I stopped going to church when I no longer felt God around me. I am glad this happened because I have not felt God around for such a long time. I am writing as my soul leads me to write for I am typing as the messages are conveyed to me.

           Friday when I was driving home from work, I was stopped at a traffic light and heard people singing. I turned around and parked my car so I could listen to the singing. They were singing hymns and praising God. They even came to my car and gave me a flyer about the false prophets in the last days. I guess God was trying to get my attention and to spend time with Him praying.

          Then, the next day, Saturday, I decorated my tree, wrapped gifts, and took some time to just pray. I was having a very normal and overall awesome day and I am not sure where or why all of this came from. However, I do know that I am a strong intuitive and have a strong faith in God, but never thought of the devil joining in! But, he did! At the time, I didn’t understand why my mind was being so clouded with darkness. Then God turned the tables and I just started typing what I was hearing. And before I had this dialogue, Olive, I sent you a message. You have always been a part of God’s plan for me.

          The following is the conversation that I had. I am still trying to process these powerful messages!

          Trisha: “Why did my dad die December 30th almost 34 years ago?”

          The Devil: “Why are you mourning a man whom you don’t even know? How do you even know if he was going to be a good father anyway?”

          God: “You know him because at the young age of 4 you remember a Christmas present he bought for you. You remember how much you loved all that chapstick. You remember your brother almost pushing his casket on the ground because he ‘wanted his daddy.’ You remember the rose you threw in when they lowered his casket into the ground. You also remember being confused as to why his casket was lowered in a deep hole with roses floating to the top. And as a young child you use to chase rainbows thinking that he would be at the end of the rainbow. I never close one door without opening another. You have been blessed with two awesome step dads and you even named your last born son after your daddy. It’s okay to mourn.”

          Trisha: “Why did my grandfather die when my dad was only 8 years old? Why is it that the only thing that I know about my grandfather is that he was beaten into a confession for a crime that he didn’t commit and was tortured for hours by the Chicago Police? Why did it take him 7 long years to prove his innocence before he was exonerated of the crime for which he didn’t commit?”

          The Devil: “Karma is a bitch!”

          God: “You needed that ‘A’ in legal research. What better way than research your grandfather’s case that is still on the books in the Federal Supplements under the “Color of the Law?” Also, your grandfather’s brother who helped free your grandfather was able to pass the family history down to his daughter who is now a Circuit Judge in Chicago.”

          Trisha: “Why did my Uncle James have to die at the hands of Montgomery County officials?”

          The Devil: “Because you knew he stopped by your apartment almost every day on his way home from work, but when he called you decided to ignore him.”

          God: “Your uncle gave you that last call to help you remember when his time on Earth was gone that you were one of the last people he thought of. Your uncle died with the blood on Montgomery County’s hands to shed light on the corruption in the jail. Your uncle’s death helped Rickey Gann Jr. and Laura Gann seek some kind of justice for the same corruption. Also, other cases like the death of Sandra Bland. Your uncle’s death helped prepare you on the path as a paralegal to fight for justice; the path I chose for you. It also gave you wonderful opportunities to develop relationships like the one you have with Wally Kronzer, who is now running for the 14th Court of Appeals. He’s a man of honor, integrity and justice.”

          Trisha: “Why did my husband break his neck?”

          The Devil: “It’s your fault because you encouraged him to drink the night before so you could talk him into having another baby. The next morning it was your idea to take the boat out. You also talked him into going out of town that day so you could have one more day with him.”

          God: “Sometimes things happen for the plan I have in place. Read Jeremiah 29:11. You also prayed for your husband to stop working out of town and to be a father that knows his children. The night and day before his accident was given to you so you both could reconnect, and that both of you would be strong enough to handle the plan I set forth.”

          Trisha: “Why wasn’t I strong enough to hold my family together?”

          The Devil: “You were just weak.”

          God: “Greater is he that is in me that is in the world. You cried to me every day for two years begging for sleep and some help. I carried you during that time and never let you fall. You needed rest. I wanted you to put that oxygen mask on yourself. I needed to make you whole again. Caring for your husband allowed you to help Ellen Pattillo and Sharon Pattillo when Scott was dying of cancer. Scott’s death allowed you to start a new journey working for Susan Price caring for the elderly.”

          Trisha: “Why did I endure such a horrific custody battle fueled by lies and money? Why did I have to fight so hard for my two children when all I wanted was shared custody?”

          The Devil: “You deserve all the hardships that came your way. You had one job. God tried to warn you for months before your divorce that if you didn’t fix things then you would lose your family. You chose not to listen even after you stood before God and legally married 8 months before your divorce. Your husband never loved you and he only married you to have a caregiver so he wasn’t a burden to his family.”

          God: “I have always promised you that I would never put more on your shoulders than you could bare. I needed you to fall at my feet so I could make you whole again. When you were born you weighed only 2 lbs. 13 oz. and you fought for your life from day one. The first 3 months of your life you endured more than anyone could imagine. I needed you to find that fight again. I needed you to lean on me, and have faith that when the time was right I would pull you from the waters you were drowning in. I knew you would fight using me verses the legal system. You have helped so many people like Kimberly D. Kingston Lukancich when she walked into the law office desperately seeking help. You were the only one in the office. She came in with her granddaughter and her son looking for help with their situation. You kept your composure and called the attorney you worked for to seek guidance. Even though you had no clue what actions you were to take, you stayed calm and had empathy for the family. Even after you left the firm you worked for, you still made sure their case was being handled. You never lost your kids. I wanted to allow you time to get through school and help many others. You formed an incredible bond with so many people, especially Jessica Sekerka Siegel. And years later, I gave you back 7 times what the devil tried to steal. You and Jack are divorced now, but, he’s the dad to your children that you never had. The generational cycle has been broken. I am proud of you both for finally overcoming the biggest challenges that I had set before you both.”

          Trisha: “Why does my mom, Cissy Mitchell Wakat have cancer after all that I have already endured?”

          The Devil: “I want you to blame her and be angry with her. She is going to leave you like everyone else has. If you will be angry with her and blame her, when she dies it won’t hurt so bad.”

          God: “Your mom may have been diagnosed with cancer, but, I am not ready for her. Her heart broke watching your heart break. She put you, her grandkids, and your husband first, while she didn’t even put her own husband first. She gave up her life to save yours. I allowed this to happen so you would truly understand the power of a mother’s love. That way when things get tough with raising your own kids you would know how to put them first, even if your heart desires different than what is best for them. Be still and know that I am God. I know you didn’t expect me to give you Baby Augie, but, you need him. Your mom was also suffering a great loss. She felt she lost her husband through divorce putting your family first, she felt she lost her grandkids when you thought that you did, and she was worried about emotionally losing you. She endured far greater pain than you ever thought you did because she carried your pain as well as hers. Augie was given to you, your mom, Big Jack, and your two boys to bring everyone closer together. I already had his name picked out way before you did. That’s why you named him after your brother August Wakat and your dad. When your brother was only 6 years old, he took on the father role. Therefore, you named your son after the first two important men of your life. Your brother loves you and may seem hard on you at times. It’s only because he had to fill big shoes as your brother and your father figure. Stop being angry with your mom because you think that she’s going to die. I am not ready for her yet. Embrace the time that you have with her. Make memories that will last long after I am ready for her.”

          Trisha: “Why do I feel compelled to write the above?”

          The Devil: “Because you want people to feel sorry for you.”

          God: “Yesterday, on your way home from work I knew how much you needed to feel Jesus in your heart again. That’s why you stopped to listen to the African American Church group singing, “Come to Jesus.” I needed you to feel the Holy Ghost and spend some time reconnecting with me. Also, Olive Neil Noseworthy asked you to share something for her upcoming book. The whole point to all the above is to put the negatives under your feet. And trust in me even if things might seem dark!”

         Often we forget the true meaning of Christmas; the birth of Jesus. With that being said, the devil is out to kill, steal and destroy! Olive, I finished typing this at exactly 3:16 – my soul sign from your last book, Secrets of My Soul! - Trisha Wakat Shafer, Texas, U.S.A.



I Feel Like I Already Know You, Even Though We Have Never Met




          Hi Olive, I have been thinking about messaging you for a few reasons. I feel like I already know you, even though we have never met. I feel like you understand the things I think about that no one else really understands, and I would like to share with you some things that I have been experiencing since I first heard about you and your work.

          First, I started to become more aware of myself spiritually, really listening to my body and focusing on my own energy. I have meditated and have been able to reach a level that separated my physical body from my mind. Secondly, I have started to thank God and my Spirit Guide for watching over me every day, just thanking him and praying to him whenever I need help. This has been amazing, every time I feel stressed, anxious, worried, in pain, or facing a difficult decision, I just pray to God and my Spirit Guide to please help me get through the problem. I tell myself that I do not need to worry, everything will work itself out, and I am protected and learning new lessons at all times. Every time I take a moment to pray for, be thankful for, or appreciate anything in my life, everything instantly brightens up.

          One time a couple of weeks ago, I had very bad anxiety before an exam. I was shaking, my heart was racing, and my breathing was heavy. I started to pray that I would calm down and breathe, be happy, relax, and that my Spirit Guide would help me get through the anxiety. Instantly I was able to breathe calmly, smile, and felt strength within me. This happens every time I pray, this is just one example. These feelings alone give me huge amounts of faith; I know someone is protecting me and will help me when I need it, I just need to ask. I feel so much more in control of my spiritual growth; I have no restrictions.

         Right now my life is foused in three areas; loving and appreciating my family, doing my best with my university degree, and growing and learning to reach a higher level of awareness. Ever since I started reading your book, Secrets of My Soul, I feel like this is really what life is all about. I also feel that right now, with such a busy schedule and as I am at a time in my life where self-awareness is crucial, I am more focused on self-improvement than taking on the problems of other people to help them.

         I know that this has been a long message, but I know you won't mind reading this because I want to thank you. You have encouraged me to start out on a great path without even meeting me, and I have only gotten half way through your book! I think your book is one of the first books I ever read that fostered personal growth and self-love within me. Now, I am training to become a clinical psychologist. I feel a shared goal in our work - to help others thrive and live peaceful, fulfilling lives by fostering spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing. You definitely helped me early on discover my love for helping others. You are a beautiful person and I am grateful for everything you do! I want you to know that there are still young people who care, and although you may be speaking to a minority who will actually listen to what you have to say, it is being heard, and I will be forever thankful.


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