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Past Life Regression


A past life regression is a healing technique of a guided journey, while experiencing a relaxed, meditative state that takes you into a past life time.

Some years ago, I had the privilege to attend an amazing seminar in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss. Dr. Weiss’ reputation preceded him, for his credentials are quite impressive, having graduated from Columbia University and Yale Medical School. As well as being former Chairman of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Florida, he has become known throughout the world as a past-life expert, and is the author of several books, including the bestseller Many Lives, Many Masters.

During this seminar, Dr. Weiss began his demonstration of past life regression, by starting with relaxation exercises which continued into hypnosis. It was during this hypnosis state, I was regressed slowly back as Dr. Weiss instructed me to go to a past-life. During this past lifetime, I was a female and I was a healer, and I helped many people. As the scenes unraveled, I knew I was living in Saudi Arabia, and that my mission on Earth was to heal others, and teach people how to heal themselves, and especially teach them that most of their sickness, they caused themselves. I also was to teach them about God. Some people I knew were atheist, not believing that there really is a God; and some people believed but not in our loving God, for they chose to do evil and follow the evil one. There were also people who believed but only on the surface. They went through the motions of belonging to a particular organized religion, yet were corrupt in their way of thinking and acting. It was really a mockery, for what they preached, they did not practice. Even though I was healing the sick and wounded, many considered me a witch, and the traditional Sharia Law, sentenced me to be stoned to death.

While experiencing this meditative state, I became aware of my present day fear of public speaking and immediately knew why I had this strong phobia in my present lifetime. I was in a square facing a huge crowd of very angry people, who were there to witness my death. This long forgotten life trauma played out once again, as I stood before my accusers, knowing that I am innocent. However, with exceptional clarity, as my accusers throw the stones, and as the roar of anger from the people in the crowd becomes louder, I witness myself floating out of my body and I watch from above, looking down on the tormented souls who thought they were doing right. I can also see many standing in great sorrow, knowing that I did not deserve such cruelty; and all because I helped heal the sick, many of whom were children and the elderly. And so, I die a horrible death.

As the death scene continues, I realize that my fear of those evil ones has disappeared and that my phobia of public speaking in this lifetime is because of the cause of my death in this past-lifetime. It is at this moment I realize that even though the angry, hateful people are still throwing stones at my poor, battered body, they are not harming me. I am up above them, watching everything unfold, realizing that little do they know that they are not getting rid of me as they think; I am still with them!

My phobia of public speaking has disappeared and I know I am back once again to face these same people. I know without a doubt that those same people, who had stoned me to death so many years ago, are now here in this lifetime and I have faced them and will continue to face them. They are the people who can be easily recognized; for they are the same people who still criticize and condemn me in very mean-spirited, hateful and evil ways, such as, calling me a ‘witch.’ However, this time, their anger and hate cannot cause me harm, for I have learned that I am stronger and wiser than ever. The fear that they had tried to instill in me does not exist. I know that part of my life plan in this lifetime is to teach about God, and to not only heal and teach others to heal, but it is also to teach life lessons, for I have learned that hateful, evil, horrendous experiences from past-lifetimes can be healed. And I have also learned that the hateful and evil people of this lifetime are easily recognized for who they really are. They are dark souls who are surrounded by darkness with jealousy, anger and hate!

And so, it is with a Past Life Regression that you can also go back in time and relive your experiences, in order to know the truth of all that is, and to heal yourself from the past!

The main focus for a past life regression is for you to explore any unresolved issues or problems that you have brought with you during this lifetime, and therefore, by knowing and understanding these issues or problems, you may heal.

To arrange for a Past Life Regression, please contact me to make an appointment by emailing me at: oliveneilnoseworthy@hotmail.com Then please make your payment, and once your payment is received, I will then confirm your appointment time. Thank you.


A Past Life Regression session is $65.00 USD


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