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Secrets Of My Soul


          Secrets of My Soul is a memoir of extraordinay true stories of a spiritual journey of life changing events, that made me know the truth about life, death, and the Other Side! I also share my innermost secrets and tell the world the mysteries to the answers of life! I have been given proof that God is real; that angels are real; the devil is real; Heaven is a real place; Hell is a real place; reincarnation is real; and that there is no such thing as death, only death of the physical body, and that our loved ones are still alive!

          I have considered myself a 'doubting Thomas' most of my life; I always had doubt and I yearned for the truth. I have spent a lifetime searching for the truth and I don't have to search anymore. If you too are a 'doubting Thomas,' and you have doubt as to what is true, challenge yourself to learn the truth.

          I know now that one of my spiritual purposes during this lifetime on Earth is to write this book, Secrets of My Soul. I realize that my life until now has been a preparation period for me to write this book. It is God's will and I will humbly serve. All the information contained in this book is based on factual and true events, and all the people written about are real people.

          I am very enthusiastic about this book because it is part of my life purpose while living here on Earth during this lifetime. I also know that by writing this book, Secrets of My Soul, and sharing my story with the world, I will help millions of people in all walks of life, regardless of age, race, gender, or religion. 

If you wish to purchase a copy of my book, please order it on-line at Amazon by clicking here: www.amazon.com/author/oliveneilnoseworthy


The following people have endorsed my book, Secrets of My Soul:

          Olive, your book is fantastic! I love it! You are one courageous, strong, loving soul. Thank you so very much for sharing your secrets, your gifts, your life, your thoughts, your sense of humour. A lot of people believe but knowing the truth is all together different. You have made a dramatic impact on me. To be a chosen one to be in the presence of our Father is truly magnificent! Your journey to write this book took several years, just over a decade, dedication second to none. You didn't doubt or second guess yourself, and your loving angels and guardian souls guided your path. You have shared secrets that many would not have the strength or courage to fulfill for fear of being mocked or criticized or ridiculed. This displays unconditional love, a special gift indeed. This book will help so many to know the truth about God, angels, miracles, the dark side, soul contracts and the meaning of our lives and existence on this earth is quite simply: LOVE. Thank you for making a difference. Until our paths cross, Love and blessings. ~ Chris Dubois-Charles, Ontario, Canada

          "Secrets of My Soul is a heartfelt book sharing experiences of what it is to be in communion with the Divine. Olive's innocence and angelic nature shines through as she shares the part of her life of feeling what it is to be with the truth of all that is." ~ Sheila Unique, Author, Energy Coach, Saskatchewan, Canada

          Olive, I just finished your book and I loved it! So much to think about and so inspiring! Your book answers so many questions that most of us ask ourselves, one time or another! God is so good and His love for His children is so great! We must remember to honour His goodness by accepting and using His gifts we have been bestowed with, whatever they may be. ~ Jim Kinnear, British Columbia, Canada

          "I’ve always been skeptical about angels but reading just a few pages of this book had me believing! This is a memoir that will capture your attention and your heart over and over again." ~ Jade Hanson, Independent Business Consultant, California, USA 

          Dear Olive, I have now read your book to the end. Your book is so fantastic! I feel sad because of the life you have been through, and the hard times. I enjoyed every word as I read, and sometimes I would smile because I feel so touched with your words. It all feels so familiar to me, as if I had written the book myself. I can really feel the energy of your book and your work. When I read in your book about the Blue Butterfly, my heart got warm and my eyes filled with tears, because I too have taken the photo of a Blue Butterfly! I know also that you have a strong bond to Archangel Gabriel, and I am so happy for you Olive. Archangel Gabriel is the Angel who showed you how to study and write because you are such a wonderful Angel here on Earth! Archangel Gabriel is your Guardian Angel and he guided you to allow your words to come through to the world, and not just for people here on Earth, but on the Other Side also, where other souls and Angels are; they have read your book also! I really enjoyed every moment while reading your book and hope that someday we will meet. I wish you the best and highest in life for you, and you will always be my dear friend and soul sister, because you are a spiritual Angel, Olive! I feel you so close to me that my eyes fill with tears, and I am so happy that we have finally connected with each other after such a long time. ~ Tina Lennholm, Uppsala, Sweden

          "Rich with warmth, compassion and life, Olive invites us on an amazing spiritual journey, with personal stories of profound truth. A book to be cherished that will stir and comfort its readers." ~ Teresa Brown, Intuitive/Medium and author of Discovering the Power of Ceremony, Florida, USA 

          "Hello Dear Olive, I cannot express enough how thoroughly I appreciate your miraculous book! It is a heartfelt, healing message given to me from our Heavenly Father through your masterpiece. I have never read such a powerful, soul saving book since the Holy Bible was written, and that my friend is my truth! I have cried so many tears; my loving soul has to feel the healing because I feel transformed! I have thanked God so much for you and your messages of hope and healing. You truly are using the gifts that were given to you many years ago, and, you are an instrument of love, healing and peace. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, and your life growing up. Thank you dear one for your beautiful messages of love. Yes, I am still raving about your book to my friends and the work that you do. They all want copies, and are looking for appointments to see you. I have referred them to your website. May God continue to bless you, your family and your work while living on this Earth. I will be rereading it again, and again!" ~ Jean Ford, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

          "Olive I've nearly finished this fascinating read and my mind is blown away by your experiences with the spirit world! I know it exists and I know I'm surrounded by it. I believe loved ones are never truly gone; however, I have had no 'real' contact as you do. It must be 'heavenly' to be you. God bless you for sharing your stories and experiences with us." ~ Grace Butler Difalco, Author of The Winds of TIME, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

          "These are extraordinary tales, unique and fascinating encounters with the Creator. These tales reflect more than one faithful woman's accounts but also reflect the closeness of God to His people." ~ Amani Hamdan Ph.D., author of Muslim Women Speak: A tapestry of lives and dreams, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia 

          "Your book is truly an amazing book! It really has opened wounds, which is good, even though I thought I had healed them a long time ago. I am going to reread it a second and third time because each time I know I will get something different out of it. It actually sits here on my desk. I can honestly and truly, recommend this book. Olive, thank you so much for sharing your inner most thoughts and experiences with us. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart! You have truly opened up my heart and mind to believe again. You are truly an amazing, wonderful and gifted lady and angel! You are truly a gift from God who is sent to help us lost but not forgotten and now am found souls. Thank you for your love and friendship. I do hope we will see you in New Zealand in the not too long future." ~ Jill Henderson, Managing Director at Festival of Dreams, Auckland, New Zealand

          "Olive so eloquently captures the essence of angels around us and inspires a feeling of security and love that is always with us." ~ Laurie Joslin, President, Unlimited Coaching Solutions Inc., New York, USA

          "Just as God sent the dove with the olive branch to Noah as a testimonial for him to keep his faith about finding land, He has sent us 'Olive' with her signs of faith. Truth always resonates to the soul, and her story is soulful!" ~ Grace Grella, professional intuitive and host of her own award-winning television show in New York, USA

          "Olive, I just received your book today and started reading the first chapter; I can't put it down! WOW! I love the part about believing and knowing. Your book Olive, is one of my favorites, and I have read a lot of spiritual books and I do have my favorites, but this one will be for sure a keeper! I love your book and what you are sharing. Your book is awesome! You did a great job with sharing your life and at the same time, sharing all the wisdom which was given to you during your lifetime, so you could help those who are ready; this is what I needed! This book will help a lot of people and I know it already has. I am now finished and I am sad because I didn't want to finish it so soon; I wanted to keep having more to learn and read, this is why I couldn't stop, I just kept reading, and then the last page came! I am hungry you might say for spiritual knowledge! You are a true Angel and a blessing to those who choose to know you for what you are here to do. Thanks for sharing your life story!" ~ Lisa Plammondon Kantz, British Columbia, Canada

          "Olive’s story comes from her heart and true life experiences. For anyone desiring to learn more about Guardian Angels and the uplifting support they provide, this book is a must read." ~ Cheryl A. Rainey LMFT, Ph.D., Marriage and Family Therapist, Florida, USA

          "The spiritual stories shared in this book, give us inspiration to know that there is life after death and our love ones are waiting for us. The stories will touch and inspire you." ~ Vanessa Talbot, author of Extraordinary Beings, Success Creation and Life Optimizer, Orange, New South Wales

          "Olive, your book? Wow! I cruised through Chapters 1- 3 and love the the spiritual stories shared in this book, and the innocence and honesty of telling your life, but when I read Chapter 4, and you meeting Beth and 'Aunt Mildred,' well, everything unraveled! There was a lot to process, to reflect upon and to digest. Yes, I understand so much of what you said: unexpected grief (mine comes out at the weirdest times), the spiritual awakening, the aspects of the soul, soul purpose, and life's problems as gifts or challenges. I was very amazed at the specifics of what you stated about a person's appearance, for example, facial, and vision improving! The thirst for knowledge, dreams, time changes/faster, sleep patterns, foods/cravings, animal spirits, etc. all of it is extremely powerful and that chapter really connected with me. Feeling different? Not from this Earth plane? All of that I can relate to for all of my life; I always thought I came from another planet! The chapter you wrote about the dark and the light souls; the levels 0 - 8 of higher and lower levels was a new concept I had not read before; that was enlightening and interesting. I also really liked your explanation of past lives and the reasons for your challenges in this life time. You are truly blessed to have had happiness in your marriage, and the support of your children, and to have such close connections to your Guardian Angel Gabriel, your Aunt Mildred, your Uncle Edward, your Uncle Stan, your Dad, and to God. However, you have also endured much agony, pain and suffering and your writing/stories clearly indicate the human aspect and challenges of daily living. I believe you 100% in all of your encounters and experiences! I also really liked your diversified quotes from Biblical, to spiritual, to other famous authors, books, etc. which show a broad knowledge base of religon and spirituality. I really understand why it took you 12 years to write this book; you tried to pack as much of your life's spiritual and paranormal experiences so that you can impact and stimulate a lot of readers to question and think about what you wrote. You are truly a well traveled, educated, talented woman which gives much credibility to your work. I am truly impressed! Secrets of My Soul is an incredible compliation of your personal heart wrenching stories that have been told to challenge the reader to gain knowledge, and to explore the past decade regarding the evolution of spirituality. Elements of Guardian Angels, Near Death Experiences, Shamanism, Death, The Other Side, Numerology, Orbs, Astral Travelling and extensive soul information are just some of the topics that will whet the readers appetite! Knowing that your personal journey included both the pleasures and pain of being human, one can only commend you for using your talents to help find missing children and missing adults by you establishing your Olive Angel Foundation! My compliments and blessings of support to you; keep up the great work! You are a true angel! Your book is a must read for anyone who is on a spiritual journey and is searching for answers or for confirmation of their own experiences!" ~ Helen Rumancik, B.Ed., M.Ed., Retired Teacher, Saskatchewan, Canada

          "Dear Olive, I read your book over Christmas and wanted to tell you how much it resonated with me! I felt the presence so sweetly of my guides and angels. As a spiritual coach living in St. John's, the messages coming through your words were powerful indeed! I am looking forward to meeting you in person! Love and blessings!" ~ Regina Wright, Spiritual Coach & Shaman Healer, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

          "I have just finished reading Secrets of My Soul and I highly recommend this book to those interested in spiritual stories. It is extremely fascinating and very informative about the Other Side! I enjoyed it immensely!" ~ Valorie McLean, Alberta, Canada

          "This book is a 'Masterpiece' of spiritual reflection and truth! A source of inspiration to all those who are seeking tranquility of the soul, taking them on a journey of inner knowledge, led by Olive, an 'Angel of Light.'" ~ Lisa S. Marzi, Poet/Writer, England, United Kingdom

          "Your book arrived today and it came at a time when I truly need this. I would first like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and that I am really excited in reading your book. I am curious to compare what I've been through to your experiences. Something tells me we have lived and shared the same experiences. Even before I opened up your book I felt so much energy by just holding it in my hands. Your book has been blessed by God and His angels and I can truly feel it. I pray in our Father's name that your book will help so many people around the world and open their hearts and minds. You are on your journey and it will blossom like a flower in the springtime. I'm sending my love and gratitude to you and wishing you everything positive in your life. The light is truly shining on you! Thank you for your friendship." ~ Shawn Barry Farewell, Ontario, Canada

          "Olive, I have just finished reading your book and it was fantastic! Since reading it I have been finding that I am more able to pray and more cognizant of the spiritual world than I was before. I am wondering if you are able to help me find out more about my guardian souls? I found this part of the book amazing, and love how you first met yours. Thanks again and congratulations on your book!" ~ Lesley McRae, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

          "Olive is a true gift! Her stories of divine intervention are touching. The love she and her husband share is inspiring! What a moving read." ~ Michelle Fox, author of the forthcoming book The Graceful Divorce, Colorado, USA

          "I felt the unfolding of Olive's spiritual journey in each word. The loving care she has taken with each and every experience and her reverence for the process is so moving, I cried. She is undeniably powerful yet her stories reflect a genuine, humbe heart." ~ Rhonda Patrick-Sison, Master Intuitive Coach, Psychic Channel & Holistic HR Consultant, Illinois, USA



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