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Spiritual Messages From Heaven


Spiritual Messages From Heaven is a compilation of wise, spiritual messages which are not of my making, but are given to me, from those on the Other Side, including my Heavenly Father, Jesus, my Guardian Angel, Gabriel, my Guardian Souls, Aunt Mildred and Uncle Edward, my father, Ralph Neil, my Uncle Stan, and also, from the Great Spiritual Masters. However, I sincerely thank the following people who have so graciously offered their kind and loving thoughts.


I see your beauty, Olive. I see how much you give to others, without any thought of recognition or reward. I see the way you change lives, just by being you. Thank you! - Jennie Morton, Texas, U.S.A.

Thank you for the words of joy that I feel in my heart every time I read something that you have written! Thank you so much for the words of wisdom. Your words of wisdom guide my day. - Sita Salehi, Arizona, U.S.A.

Hi there, Olive, it is nice to meet you. I have been to Canada once and it is beautiful. I hope to visit again in the near future. You are an inspiration in all you do. - Marian DeRossett, New York, U.S.A.

I am always grateful for being in your presence. You have a glow about you. Thank you! – Diana Szydelko, Ontario, Canada

Very True, Olive, this is you, you are a very caring, loving lady. YOU SHINE LOVE. We can see it, I’ve seen it! Thanks for just being YOU! Hugs - Lisa Plamondon Kantz, British Columbia, Canada

I love your messages, Olive! They are so encouraging and uplifting! - Mindy Derenberger, Ohio, U.S.A.

Love, love, love your messages, Olive! I look forward to them always! Thank You! You are especially gifted, Olive!  You write very powerful words! I enjoy reading them always. Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom! - Valorie McLean, Alberta, Canada

Olive, enjoying your messages immensely. I feel energy of love coming right through. Beautiful. -  Tracey Murphy, California, U.S.A.

This lady is pure of heart and soul, and I have had the privilege of meeting her in person. She helped me open my spiritual world. This beautiful lady is a TRUE ANGEL. I knew that the first time I met her. And I know her from another lifetime. If you look at her carefully, you will see that she naturally glows. – Chris Varga, Ontario, Canada

Thank you so very much, Olive, for your loving, inspiring, and thought-provoking words. You make a wonderful difference! - Chris Dubois-Charles, Ontario, Canada

“It was very nice seeing you again, Olive, and I look forward to your return in the spring. I always learn something new every time I meet with you. You have helped me in many ways and I thank you for this. You are a true ANGEL.” - Anonymous

“The word, ‘Olive,’ is an anagram for ‘I love.’” - Maggie Seaman, Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Saw this and immediately thought of you, Olive: 
Let your love radiate out to all you meet.
Let your love touch the hearts of people you don't even know.
Let your love reach to the far corners of the earth.
Love is what is saving the world.
Be blessed!

Sandy Gray Van Zyl, Cape Town, South Africa


  • “The veil of secrecy is in place while you live your life here on Earth; however, my Heavenly Father spoke to me and said, “The veil of secrecy must be lifted. The time has come. This is the time for transformation of all things.”

  • “Your ultimate purpose for living on Earth is to love and to serve and to grow spiritually, and consequently, to advance your soul.”

  • “Become a true friend to yourself by being mindful of each and every thought, word, and deed.”

  • “The capacity for happiness and peace is greater when there is love in your soul.”

  • "If you create a negative, malicious and hateful thought of intent towards another, the only one you really hurt will be you, for the spiritual laws are in place; therefore, you will have to deal with the consequences, and abide by the spiritual laws accordingly when your time comes to leave this Earth, and cross over to the Other Side.”

  • “Every new person that you meet brings a golden opportunity to foster spiritual awareness and spiritual growth for you.”


  • “Choose this day for the beginning of a spiritual awakening within yourself, and allow the old way of thinking to die and the new way of thinking to be born.”


















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