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        A Spiritual Reading is making contact with the real you, your soul, to help you uncover the wisdom from within, and to live your life here on Earth with unconditional love, and to inspire you to help you find your true meaning of your life. It will help you to understand the type of soul that you are, and it will help you access specific and personal information about you, and the changes that you need to make in order to learn and advance, both in the physical world and the spiritual world. 
        I offer Spiritual Readings using the ancient art of Psychometry and the Tarot Cards; however, information can also come in a combination of different ways, including direct information from you, your Guardian Angels, your Guardian Souls or your Loved Ones on the Other Side.
        At any time you may ask specific questions in any area that you choose, whether it be; love, work, career, finances, relationships, your Guardian Angels, your Guardian Souls, or any topic of your choice.
       If you want greater understanding of the real you, a clear sense of your life purpose, your life plan, or to help resolve any problems and issues that you are experiencing, please let me help you. At this time I am not offering Spiritual Readings in person; however, I am offering the readings by Facetime and also by Skype. To arrange for a Spiritual Reading, please contact me to make an appointment, by emailing me at: oliveneilnoseworthy@hotmail.com Then please make your payment, and once your payment is received, I will then confirm your appointment time. Thank you.
Spiritual Reading


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