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The Book of Lifetimes


The Book of Lifetimes or sometimes referred to as the Akashic Records, is a record of information about each person or soul that has lived on Earth during different lifetimes.

The sole purpose to access one’s book is to understand one’s life purpose and life plan while living here on Earth. It is only by understanding and learning the life lessons that are required from you that you can then choose to change for the better, and to live your life full of purpose.

Some years ago, I had the privilege to attend a spiritual expo in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It was during this expo that I met Dr. Julien Meagler. We introduced ourselves and during our conversation I learned that Dr. Meagler is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario and the Ontario Hypnosis Centre, and he is a member of the National Guild Hypnotists and the Ontario College of Teachers. Dr. Meagler conducts experiential workshops and seminars, as well as holding private hypnosis sessions from his office in London, Ontario, Canada. 

Later on in the afternoon, Dr. Meagler offered a hypnosis session to me, which of course, I gladly accepted. During the session Dr. Meagler began his demonstration of hypnosis, by starting with relaxation exercises while playing soft instrumental music in the background and talking to me. It was during this hypnosis state, I was regressed slowly back as Dr. Meagler instructed me to make contact with my Guardian Soul.

“At this time, see if you can make contact with your spirit guide. Who is it that appears before you?”

“A female; she’s Aunt Mildred.”

“How is she dressed?”

“She’s got on a long dress. She’s got her hair pinned up like in a bun. She’s slim. She got light, brownish hair.”

“And as you see Aunt Mildred, your spirit guide, what is the dominant emotion emanating from her to you?”

“Pride, love; a lot of respect.”

“Is there any communication? Is she saying anything to you?”

“No. She is just standing there and smiling at me.”

“Where does Aunt Mildred take you now that you are in the spirit world?”

“She doesn’t take me anywhere. We are just standing there.”

“Are there any other places that your Aunt Mildred would like to take you, like the Council Chamber? Where is she suggesting for you to go at this time?”

“No, she is just standing there on the side.”

“On the count of three Aunt Mildred is going to come forward and take you by the hand and tell you to go to the Place of Learning, the Library. On the count of three you will go to the Library; 1 – 2 – 3.” How do you go to the Library? What route do you take?”

“She took my hand but all we have to do is just think it and we are there. We just zoomed.”

“That’s right. You’re very advanced.  You have been here many times so you know the way. Describe to me your entry into this Library space. Tell me if you see other souls nearby.”

“There are many; they are very busy doing things. They are doing different work, different things. They are very busy going around.”

“Are you inside the Library now?”

“Yes, I am inside.”

“What does it look like architecturally speaking? Is it a big building?”

“Yes, it’s huge but it’s like all glass. Everything is very sparkly and it’s all very bright. I can see a lot of marble.”

“Are there any advanced spiritual beings or anyone in charge of all of this?”

“They are all advanced.”

“Is there someone in charge of the Library?”

“No. They seem to be all equal, doing their own thing.”

“Explain to me how you retrieve information from this Library? What’s the process that you use?”

“I can see myself just taking a book off the shelf.”

“Describe the book that you take off the shelf.”

“It’s big; it’s heavy. It’s big and it seems heavy but it’s not heavy for me. And I can flip through the pages so easily.”

“So you are flipping through the pages as an observer, what do you see?’

“I already know everything that’s in there.”

“What is it that you are learning as you flip through these pages as it relates to your current life?”

“I just know that I am supposed to help many people. Many people are so ignorant; they don’t have much knowledge. They are so lost. They don’t know all of this.”

“Is there any page in particular in this book that you feel drawn to and you would like to access at this time?”

“No, it’s all familiar. I know it all.”

To arrange for a Book of Lifetimes, please contact me to make an appointment by emailing me at: oliveneilnoseworthy@hotmail.com Then please make your payment, and once your payment is received, I will then confirm your appointment time. Thank you.


The Book of Lifetimes session is $65.00 USD

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