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The Olive Branch Foundation


I would like to share with you an excerpt from my book, On The Wings of The Blue Butterfly, which will give some insight as to why I have established The Olive Branch Foundation to promote peace and love throughout the world.


"The name Olive is a special name because it is a spiritual name."


“Oh my, I am remembering another time when someone else I met told me the very same thing as you are saying. She also said my name is a spiritual name.”


As Adam’s facial expression changes to an expression of curiosity, he replies, “And when did this happen?”


"Some years ago; I was visiting Canada’s North West Territories, and one of the communities I visited was Fort Good Hope, and while there, I met the most charming lady, she called herself the Four Winds Woman. As we chatted I remember asking her why am I really here in Fort Good Hope, and why did I have to come meet with her. Her answer was quite amazing. She told me it was planned for me to meet her and that I was to be part of the healing movement. She said that there is a strong belief down south that the healing is going to take place from the north.”


“What healing was she referring to?”


“I asked her the same question and she told me the healing of the people of all nations.”


“She sounds like a very spiritual person.”


“Yes, I know that she is.”


“Is she aboriginal?”


“Yes she is. She is from the north, the North West Territories.”


“I thought so.”


“She talked about the Medicine Wheel and actually drew a picture of it for me. In the picture of the Medicine Wheel or the Wheel of Life, as some aboriginal people call it, she explained to me that the North represents mental; the South represents emotional; the West represents physical; and the East represents spiritual.”


I can sense that Adam is quite captivated by my story of the Four Winds Woman, as he replies, “I can tell by what you are saying that this person who calls herself the Four Winds Woman, is a very special and very spiritual individual.”


“Yes Adam, I know you are right. Before my conversation ended with her, she said to me, remember your name. And of course, you can well imagine my reaction to such a comment.” With both of us laughing, I continue my story. “She told me my name has special meaning and that it is a spiritual name. She told me that the reason I was given this name, is that when I look at a person, I don’t see the outside, what I see is the goodness, the place where the goodness is.”


“I certainly agree with her understanding of your name. She is right. The name Olive does have very special meaning.”


“Well, I do know that the olive branch means peace.”


“Yes, you are right. The olive branch is a symbol of peace and good will. We learn this from the Bible, where the dove returns to Noah after the flood, and in it’s beak it has an olive leaf.”


“Yes I remember. The story of Noah is in the Holy Bible in Genesis.”


“Olives also represent peace from a practical sense because many years of peace are required to grow olive trees, and then it takes several years to produce the olive fruit.”


“You seem to have acquired a lot of knowledge regarding the word olive.”


Adam laughs, as he continues, “The name Olive has a spiritual meaning. The olive represents all that is good, such as love. In both the Christian faith and the Jewish faith, the olive is recognized to possess special qualities, and is associated with peace and love. And I do know that it was the oil from the olive, which priests and kings were anointed and lamps were lit.”


“Yes, I do remember reading that.”


"And I also know that the olive has great meaning to many people.”


As I find myself deep in thought, I respond saying, “You could be absolutely right.”


Adam continues, “In the Hebrew scriptures, the olive represents a very powerful symbol, and this is because the oil from the olive gives light and brightness in the world. The olive tree is suppose to remind us that while living life here on earth, our light should burn constantly.”


“Wow! I find all of this so fascinating.”


“It is fascinating, isn’t it?”


“Is this the origin of the belief that light means love?”


“It could very well be. It certainly makes a whole lot of sense. As I already said, the olive represents light, love and peace.”











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